Celebrity in style with pearl

Pearls always elevate an outfit to a certain sophistication and status that other jewelry cannot achieve, according to dLoewi.

The classic string of pearls is getting an instant update. Layering long pearl necklaces with metal chains or with even more pearl strands of different sizes give a funky mix-and-match vibe. Some artists, such as Katherine Heigl, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Sandra Bullock, and Rihanna, do a fabulous job at pairing simple pearl necklaces, long pearl necklaces, and chunky pearl necklaces with the right outfit.
In various public appearances, Heigl channels the Hollywood glamour of the 50’s and 60’s with a modern twist. To show off the elegance of her timeless pearls, Heigl has been seen wearing a classic up-doo to harmonize with the circular show stoppers. She is a master at accessorizing both hair and jewelry to complement one another. For The Ugly Truth movie premier, Heigl radiated in a multi-stranded chunky pearl necklace along with her Lanvin dress.

Rihanna is another artist who has an extreme sense of style. She showed up at the London premiere of Inglorious Bastards wearing, about a thousand layered pearl necklaces. Rihanna took pearls to the edge by piling them on in varying sizes and lengths.

When wearing a pearl necklace, it is important that everyone see the entire arrangement from front to back. Subtle pearl shine is hard to come by, so make sure to show it off all the way around your neck. Keeping hair down takes away your pearls from the fancy fashion.

Pearl jewelries truly bring an element of the past to the present and are great for any occasion, big or small, move premier or movie date night. Pearl jewelries are classic and beautiful. Celebrities and ordinary folks reach the same level of beauty, with or without millions of fans, once that pearl necklace is clasped and glowing delicately around our necks.

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