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Jewelry that suits your style

dLoewi ~ Affordable fashion jewelry isn't difficult to find. There are plenty of places to shop for attractive jewelry. You can save money on all types of jewelry, classic gemstone pieces that you'll wear year-after-year and less pricey costume jewelry that might only be hot for a couple of seasons. Tuck those trendy pieces away though, because nearly everything comes back around again.

Fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry is sometimes referred to as costume jewelry because it began in the form of jewels pasted onto theatrical costumes.

Nowaday fashion jewelry features the creative elements that add interest to everyday clothes. When you're tossing clothes and fashion accessories onto the bed, trying to put together an outfit, and you need just one more bit of sparkle or punch of color, throw some fashion jewelry into the mix.

Fashion jewelry includes the must-have jewelry of the moment and the unique fashion designs that accentuate personal style. Fashion accessories and designer jewelry can reflect the latest trends or vintage designs that outlast the whims of fashion. Trendy jewelry and accessories are available under many designer brand names too. Designer jewelry can be intricate and dramatic or simple and elegant. Most important, fashion jewelry is designed to be worn with just about anything.

Fashion jewelry is becoming so popular due to several reasons.

1. She can take her fancy jewelry on vacation; no longer fear theft or misplacing her favorite pieces when she is away from home.
2. She doesn’t need to purchase expensive insurance for her jewelry.
3. Jewelry is an accessory and is fashion; if she becomes bored with it after several years, she can put it in her drawer with no guilt that she has spent thousands of dollars.

Buy Jewelry

Large department stores often have hefty markdowns on fashion jewelry, especially when the next season's shipments are just in or about to arrive. Sales racks are always an excellent place to find trendy jewelry, and the majority of styles don't typically change too much from one season to the next.

Online auctions like eBay can be a good source of affordable jewelry. Always check a seller's feedback ratings and be sure to consider shipping costs before placing a bid as some sellers inflate shipping costs to increase profits.

The internet is packed with jewelry online-stores selling everything from inexpensive trinkets to high-end gemstone jewelry. And while their wares are very different, they nearly all have occasional or ongoing sales. Crafter sites like Etsy are an excellent source of hand-crafted jewelry and other items. Users are allowed to rate their purchases, giving potential buyers a heads-up on a seller's products and customer service practices.

As you buy online, don't forget to check shipping costs and be sure to review refund and replacement policies so that you'll know what to expect if an item goes missing during transit.

Base vs. Precious Metals

Nearly all costume jewelry is made from a base metal. That's a term used to describe a substance that does not contain a precious metal like gold or sterling silver.

Metals used in less expensive jewelry can be coated with a precious metal. Gold filled jewelry has a thicker, more durable gold layer than gold plated pieces. You'll encounter some sterling silver plated jewelry, but if an ad says "silver plated," the coating is probably not the more desirable sterling.

Costume jewelry from well known designers can be pricey; you're paying for a name, and not necessarily quality components.

Lab Created Gemstones

Lab created (synthetic) gemstones won't necessarily fall into the cheap jewelry category, but their styles typically cost less than jewelry containing the same-sized gems that were found in nature. Lab created gems have all of the characteristics of a genuine stone, but with one difference; they are sometimes more perfect, with excellent clarity and color. Much of the birthstone jewelry you'll encounter is made from synthetic gems.

Treated gemstones can be a money-saving option. These gemstones are nature-created gems that been enhanced to improve their appearance. Reputable jewelers always disclose that gemstones were either treated or synthesized in a lab.

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