Microsoft's Hotmail Rebrands to Outlook

outlook_logoMicrosoft gave its email service Hotmail a complete overhaul on Tuesday, rebranding the portal as Outlook.com. The new Outlook is pretty, refreshing, and chock full of useful features.

The renovated service boasts a minimalist interface that borrows heavily from the tile-driven design of Windows 8. Facebook Chat and Skype's industry-leading video calls will be built into Outlook, and users can open Microsoft Office files directly in web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Unlike Gmail, Microsoft promises that it won't scan your inbox for keywords to deliver you targeted ads.

Microsoft makes it easy to switch from Gmail to Outlook, which has the ability to easily forward a Gmail account's inbox to Outlook.com with a few simple clicks. In other words, you can use Outlook's interface with your Gmail address.

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