Samsung Galaxy S III splashy debut

The smartphone giant's latest Android offering makes a splashy debut in London, boasting facial-recognition technology and Siri-like voice controls.

The device, which will be available in Europe May 23 and shortly thereafter in the U.S., is now the Korean manufacturer's flagship handheld. The phone comes equipped with expected spec bumps like a new quad-core processor, an 8-megapixel rear camera, and a high-contrast AMOLED screen.

The Galaxy S III boasts a formidable 4.8-inch touchscreen, a display 22 percent larger than the Galaxy S II, and vastly bigger than the iPhone's 3.5-inch touchscreen.

A new feature called Smart Stay follows your gaze and automatically dims the phone when you look away. That not only conserves power, but ensures that the screen won't dim when you're doing long-reading on the gadget.

The Galaxy S III keeps tabs on people's faces with exciting new facial-recognition technology. If you snap a picture of a friend, and the phone recognizes the person in the picture, it will ask you if you want to send a copy of the photo to that friend.

The new S Voice feature also allows you to send a text, use the camera, or launch an app with spoken commands.

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